• Stack of books
    Creating the Crossroads: 100 Years of Civil Construction in Indiana

    Andria Hine, ICI


    Creating the Crossroads: 100 Years of Civil Construction in Indiana Centennial book is now available.

  • Indiana Settlement – Building the Cross Roads

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    The first civil engineers in Indiana were not humans, but animals whose migration patterns created navigable paths through dense woodlands.

  • Throwback with Tom Dapp

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    There's more to the story than what can fit in one podcast episode. View bonus audio clips and photographs from an interview with Tom Dapp of Gradex, Inc.

  • Letters From WWII: Lawrence E. Jenkins

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    “For some contractors, the transformation from peace time highway work to war work has been almost an overnight process,” wrote Indiana Highway Constructors, Inc. Executive Secretary William M. Holland, “while others have preferred to continue in highway and bridge work to the extent that such work may be available.”

  • On The Road at INRoadCon22

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    Indiana Constructors, Inc. has held an annual convention since 1924, though it has evolved considerably over the last 100 years.

  • Building a Workforce to Build Our Roads

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    “Nobody was making any money…Bill Holland said…that it was unfair competition, and not fair to labor, for all of us to be paying different wage rates. He said it would stabilize prices if we all had union contracts.” –R.P. Olinger of Olinger Construction, Inc.

  • History of Indiana – Lincoln Highway

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    "The Lincoln Highway was a 3,400-mile dream—an imaginary line across the map from New York to San Francisco...Today it is a great transcontinental thoroughfare—the longest in the world—over which tourists may travel from coast to coast in safety and comfort." -Ewing Galloway, The Indianapolis Star, Jan. 4, 1915.

  • Terre Haute Bread Line
    Road Workers Keep Working Through Hard Times

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    "There just wasn’t any activity at all—no state work, no county work, no work, period." -R.P. Olinger, 1974

  • A Modern-Day Ghost Story: I-165

    Sara Marshall, ICI


    "I have come to the conclusion that it would not be wise to continue with the highway, and in my judgment it would be irresponsible to proceed against the wishes of the people involved." -Senator Birch Bayh, 1980