[COMPANY NAME] celebrates a rich heritage of road building in Indiana



[COMPANY NAME] has been a member of Indiana Constructors, Inc. (ICI) since [JOIN DATE]. ICI is a trade association that provides safety services, legislative advocacy, labor relations, member communications, networking events, educational opportunities and workforce development initiatives for member companies and their employees.

In 2024, ICI will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and we look forward to helping the association celebrate!

Since its incorporation on Sept. 8, 1924, ICI has supported Indiana’s highway, heavy and utility construction industry through the Great Depression, armed conflicts, state and national road-building initiatives and technological advances that have changed the face of the industry.

The association is the Indiana highway, heavy and utility chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America and the Indiana affiliate of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, connecting [COMPANY NAME] to the national construction industry. ICI is a member association of Build Indiana Council, helping to ensure the long-term, stable, adequate road funding that keeps us in business.

Since [COMPANY NAME] has been a member of ICI, we’ve been involved in many ways. [COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE] has served on [BOARD/COMMITTEE]. Our employees attend [MEETINGS/NETWORKING EVENTS] on a regular basis, and we are proud members of the Indiana Transportation Team, the recent initiative uniting contractors, engineering consultants and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

In 2019, ICI formed a centennial steering committee to begin plans that celebrate the association’s accomplishments, educate key audiences about the organization and how its work has impacted the lives of Hoosiers and to motivate young people to enter the industry. During the ICI centennial year, the association will share our industry story through special member events, community collaborations and commemorative materials.

[COMPANY NAME] is contributing to ICI’s centennial celebration by [COMPANY CONTRIBUTION].

We look forward to building ICI’s next century, together.